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welcome to my icon/graphics community!! first off, what does kurisutarisu even mean? well, kurisutarisu is the japanese romanized word for crystallis, which is latin for crystal. spiffy, eh. lol. i actually got the inspiration from final fantasy 13: fabula nova crystallis. so there it is, kurusutarisu.

i don't have a nifty layout for this community because HTML and CSS is very complicated and i get frustrated easily.

because i use a defunct laptop (it doesn't have photoshop) in college, icon updates will be infrequent nonexistent. but please feel free to join/watch this comm for those rare updates. ♥ i am changing this community into a "fashion" blog. it's just going to be me and my clothes and maybe the occasional designer paraphernalia i'd like to showcase.


// usual icon fandoms include final fantasy series, random models, disney, stocks, animanga, etc.
// currently playing final fantasy xii
// favorite manga[s] bride of the water god;
please credit irisxchan or kurisutarisu when using graphics

profile layout credit to reversescollide